Founded in 2012, PHASIQ enables efficient, accurate, and inexpensive measurement of multiple health-indicator proteins via phase-separated droplets. Our advantage is the ability to multiplex proteins not possible to measure simultaneously by other methods. PHASIQ supplies immunoassay kits and custom assay development to research scientists investigating protein biomarker patterns for human health. Research scientists and lab staff need to perform multiplex immunoassays without cross-talk. Our patented MPS™ Technology eliminates cross-reactions. Our customers gain the ability to investigate unique antibody combinations and gain more accurate measurements for existing combinations.

PHASIQ is commercializing high quality multiplex immunoassays with unprecedented time- and cost-savings. Our proprietary micropatterned phase separation (MPS   ) technology makes PHASIQ the only company that provides a highly user-friendly immunoassay.

PHASIQ seeks to save lives through innovation, specifically through providing simple, accurate, and reliable multiplex protein measurements.

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017