SoundBio Lab

SoundBio is a community of amateur and professional science enthusiasts dedicated to promoting science education, providing access to biotechnology, and fostering self-learning in order to promote science understanding and inspire the next generation of scientists. They strive to create a welcoming, accessible, and affordable community space for any individual who may be curious about science, believing that opportunities to learn about the world around us should be free from limitations of any kind. Their co-working laboratory space and shared resources are ideal for entrepreneurs, science enthusiasts, citizen science projects, and students.

SoundBio organize projects, workshops, and science events embracing hands-on learning as our motto. These activities span from microscopic techniques (basic use, semi-permanent mounts, basic stains) to molecular techniques (DNA isolation, PCR, restriction enzyme digests, Western Blot, bacterial growth), and dissections. Additionally, they apply bioinformatics analyses to publicly available genotyping data to advance our understanding of population structure (learn more here). 

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017