.BIO Trust Seal

.BIO is a new internet domain space created for the organic food and farming industry. The new domain extension creates a living world of new internet addresses.
For the participants of the growing organic food and farming sector, .BIO is the natural domain space from which they advocate their commitment to the principles of organic agriculture. By using .BIO, participants in the growing organic food and farming sector will reach an audience that recognizes them as the unique online destination for bio-related contents.
In order for the owners of .BIO domain names to demonstrate their commitment to the IFOAM Principles of Organic Agriculture (“POA”) and protect the interests of the consumers, it is recommended that they insert on their .BIO website the “BIO Trust Seal” provided by StartingDot through this web page.
The owner of the .BIO domain name can insert the BIO Trust Seal by copying and pasting the above link to their homepage or by downloading the symbol.
The BIO Trust Seal serves as a proof of the website’s organic identity and the owner’s participation in the .BIO community.