BIOFACH 2016 Recap

Held February 10 to 13, Biofach 2016 beat the previous year’s record with around 48,000 participants (compared to 2015’s 44,624 visitors). Over 2,500 exhibitors were in attendance, highlighting the strong increase in public awareness of the values of the organic movement: healthy living and eating.


Biofach is the world’s leading trade and industry show for the organic industry. As the operator of the organic movement’s flagship Internet suffix .BIO, StartingDot was in attendance at the 2016 event in Nuremberg, Germany.


The sector’s expansion was confirmed by the German organic federation Bund Ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft (BOLW)’s annual report, published for Biofach 2016. Germany remains the number one market in Europe (€7.91bn) ahead of France (€4.83bn) the UK (€2.31bn), Italy (€2.15bn) and Switzerland (€1.82bn).


The report also shows strong development in China, where organic produce production rose to €2.43bn in 2015, and Canada with 25% growth YoY.


BOLW’s report shows an 11% increase in spending on organic food by German households in 2015 to reach that 8bn in total sales.


An independent survey also showed strong interest in natural cosmetics, with a 10% increase in spending for the organic beauty sector to €1bn of total spend in 2015.


Positive reports show that the bio industry is boom. There are over 1.7 million bio farmers globally with a total market value of €26bn in 2014, up 8%.


The sector’s dynamism is mirrored by the .BIO registration numbers. Compared to 2014, the world’s leading organic and green new Internet suffix (new gTLD) doubled in size to over 13,000 website addresses in 2015! This growth spurred a lot of interest in .BIO at Biofach 2016.


Additionally, over 80 people attended the Organic 3.0 IFOAM conference program to hear about .BIO.


Future .BIO opportunities you might see soon include a partnership with Cosmebio, the French trade union of cosmetic producers which has over 350 members.A joint presence with the ICEA from Italy and at the Emilia-Romagnia festival near Modena and at Sana, Europe’s second largest organic fair, in September in Milano. A partnership with BIO-C a German IT company and BIO Austria.


Finally .BIO and its main supporter IFOAM will work together on direct and email campaigns promoting .BIO potential sessions at the 2017 congress in India.

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Monday, January 23, 2017