Authent was founded by Tom Nizet and Florian Floβdorf, both experts in organic and sustainable production.
Tom’s background includes 13 years of certification management at the Belgian certification body Certisys and 10 years of work for EOCC. 
In this capacity, Tom was involved in problem-solving for operators, harmonization of implementation of legislation for control bodies and policy work at the level of the EU Commission. 
Florian has worked in organic vegetable production and quality management. He focused on developing new products for german market and process management. A practical approach to organic growing and trading. 
Tom and Florian have brought together a highly experienced team of experts, who believe in the future of organic production, and also recognize the necessity for reliability of the supply chain as well as the certification system. 
Tom and Florian are networked worldwide with other specialists and highly experienced individuals, who are ready to assist them in serving the targeted needs of our clients, and providing problem-solving and service delivery. 
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Wednesday, October 28, 2020