About ContactinBio

ContactInBio is a micro-landing page builder which helps hundreds of thousands of users on Instagram learn more about a given account's services.

As Instagram provides limited features to explain your business, by creating your own website on ContactInBio you can:

  • Create several links to your other social media accoutns, website, etc.
  • Add a contact form
  • Offer a shoppable Instagram feed
  • Display a slider of images, videos, text and much more

Page design can be customized and there is analytics on page visitors and link clicks.

By using ContactInBio, your followers can learn about your offerings and services faster, contact you, or navigate through multiple Instagram bio urls. 



On Choosing a .BIO Domain Name

"We chose .Bio domain name because it shows the value to our customers and users around the world. It makes our domain name shorter and look appropriate for our audience" explains Abzal.

He continues, "We love that domain name looks more professional, elegant and more tailored."



Visit to learn more, or see why we recommend a .BIO domain name for your brand. 

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Posted on Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 2019