Jamalfi Bio Cosmetics

Our team of young and experienced lovers of organic cosmetic world follows strict ethical code. We believe that a more natural lifestyle is the key for a healthy happiness and we can reach this happiness by using natural products, made in the respect of environment. In the wide and tricky biocosmetic world, we are the effective, certificate & eco-friendly answer to the steady request of organic skincare for body and face.
We found skilled partners to support our project and together we create luxurious beauty products, our success in Italy and abroad is a result of the care that Jamalfi put in his work. Our strategy is to combine the high-technological content of formulas full of active natural ingredients with handicraft care; we use a lot of local and rare raw materials such as: prickly pear oil (nourishing and calming) and “limone costa d’Amalfi IGP” (moisturizing and toning).
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Wednesday, August 15, 2018