Drive Traffic & Make Sales from Instagram. Link your Instagram posts to the right products or pages with
Send your followers anywhere by linking your Instagram posts to specific product pages, blog posts, or websites. 
Here’s how it works:
1. Get Your Personalized URL - Sign up and add your URL to your Instagram bio.
2. Add Unique Links to Your Posts - Help your followers find what they’re looking for by linking individual Instagram posts to the right products or pages.
3. Shop Your Instagram Feed - Build a shoppable Instagram feed to send your followers right to your products, without changing the link in your bio.
4. Measure Your ROI - Track your clicks in the Later dashboard, or enable UTM tracking for Google Analytics to see what Instagram posts made the most sales.

Make it easier for your followers to shop your products or read your articles. Start using today!

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Posted on Date:
Tuesday, October 16, 2018