VALANX Biotech

Valanx Biotech is giving you chemical handles specifically placed into your protein for you to make a connection precisely where you want to. No side reactions, no undefined species. What you want, where you want it. We do this by placing our patented, reactive amino acid at defined sites into your protein. The site is encoded on the DNA level and is freely selectable. The conjugation reaction we use is the fastest click chemistry reaction described to date. This means cutting the time that your precious protein has to be exposed to the raging elements significantly. The reaction is irreversible and proceeds to completion. Who is best at making amino acids? Exactly. Nature. So we decided to let it make ours as well. We use enzymes to produce our reactive amino acid to reduce costs compared to our competitors by several orders of magnitude. Where our competitors use costly and inefficient organic synthesis to add reactive groups to their amino acids, we work with water, add a protein and wait for the magic to happen. We transfer the upsides of this magic to you - in the form of significantly reduced costs to get your protein conjugate.
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Thursday, April 26, 2018