Bsed in Ruse, Bulgaria, is the perfect place for all BIO plates for personal use. 

THeir plates consist of leaves. And leaves only. The bottom and top layer are made from leaves, stitched together with fibers from palm leaves. And in between, you find a layer of paper made of leaves. 
That's it. No plastics, additives, oil, glue, chemicals... Only leaves.
The paper makes the plate waterproof.
The plate can hold water about 4 hours.
Four hours only?
Remember, the paper has no glue, no chemicals, no coating, no aditives... nothing. 100% natural!.
Besides, the plates are not designed specificaly for water, and if you use a thicker liquid (dressing, sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise), it will hold longer.


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Wednesday, August 15, 2018