Report .ORGANIC & .BIO Abuse

Having a .ORGANIC and .BIO domain name is a privilege given to those who have proven eligibility. 
Though we make every effort to ensure that registrants meet the eligibility requirements, we know that the community is the best source for information on individuals and/or companies that use these domains illegitimately.
We take every abuse claim seriously and will review each report carefully.  
If you wish to report a site or use of a .ORGANIC or .BIO name that you believe fails to adhere to .ORGANIC and .BIO policies, please fill out the form below completely, specify the section of the policy you believe has been breached and tell us why you believe there is a breach in as much detail as you can.  We will review your claim promptly and carefully.
Thank you for taking the time to assure .ORGANIC and .BIO remain true to their mission of providing internet addresses exclusively for the organic community.
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